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Packaging machinery manufacturing expert

JSCorrugating is the predecessor of JS Corrugating Machinery Co., Ltd. ("JSMachine"). It was founded in October 1957 and was born in Songhe Town, Jingshan County. It has several red stoves and several hammers. Starting from the main products are wooden products, trowels, hoes, axes, threshers and so on.

In 1974, the company turned to production and development, began to develop packaging machinery. In 1975, it officially opened the prelude to the production of carton carton packaging machinery, realizing the key turning point of the enterprise from the production of agricultural machinery products to the development of carton packaging machinery. It laid the foundation for the take-off of light machines. In April 1987, the single-face corrugated board production line was successfully developed and put on the market, marking the enterprise from the stand-alone era to the production line era.

On June 23, 1998, the Jingshan County People's Government approved the establishment of the Lake Beijing Mountain Light Machine Group Corporation to form a new management level and organization. The president of the company group is concurrently comrade Sun Youyuan, chairman of the company. On June 26, Jingshan Light Machine A shares were listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange. Jingshan Light Machine Packaging Machinery Division became the first division of Jingshan Light Machine in the field of paper product packaging machinery production.

In 2003, the J.S.Machine Industrial Park with an investment of 150 million yuan was completed. In order to meet the needs of development, J.S.Corrugating constantly promotes the upgrading and intelligent development of products, accelerates the development of international markets, strengthens the sublimation and application of artificial intelligence in the industrial field, enhances the overall level of enterprises, and becomes a new industry leader in China.

Product Description

Star Products

JETS 400

Integrated design, reflecting the overall, environmental and safety design concept; suitable temperature and pressure-saving energy-saving steam system, making full use of double-flash evaporation;

Belt-type single-watt unit:

Positive pressure guide paper in the rubber coating section to reduce downtime recovery time;

Intelligent control of tension according to the order base paper formula;

Tile roller and pressure belt pressure adaptive base paper, no need for gap adjustment;

High speed machine of transport paper:

Constant paper tension control of the base paper, servo control for winding, unwinding, and buffer paper for paper picking;

The constant tension control function of the base paper is highly efficient and has a wide range of adaptability.

Width Series 3300mm

Design Speed 400m/min

Change Order Speed 300m/min (dry section)

Staff 4 people (five-layer line)

Gram Weight 110-300g/m2

Tensile Strength 5.5kgf/cm (minimum)

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